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A Basic Family Tree Sometimes it s only when we try to write down what we know that we realize how much we don t know. Fill out as much as you can* Starting out even a guess helps. Genealogy assistance is available at the John Parker Library from 11 00 a*m* to 4 00 p*m* Tuesday through Saturday. You can learn more at www. FamilySearch. org. Gre at G randfa the r Name Birth Date Lived at Fath er s Fa the r You r Fath e r Birth Place Marriage Date Date of Death You rse lf Spouse s Name You r M...
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Age:Lives with:Husband's Name:Husband's Address:Husband's City:Husband's State/Province:Husband's Country:Husband's Zip Code:E-mail Address:Age:Age when you started working. Weight:Weight:Weight/Measurements:Your relationship status:How long you lived in your current relationship:Marital status:Do you have children? Age:Children in your family:Dates you last lived together:Age at divorce:How long ago you divorced:What country do you live in now? What age were you when you married? What state do you live in? What city are you in? What state do you live in? What state do you live in? What city are you in? What state do you live in? You have a number of different occupations. Which one do you have the most experience with? How many children do you have? Who were your siblings before you married (in chronological order)? Your current number of children: You have a list of pets. Which one is your favorite? You have been too three or more countries. Which four countries is your favorite? Your favorite place to visit is:What was your favorite hobby? Your favorite hobby is music. You must select 1 of the following. I don't know What are you currently studying at the University of Oregon College of Letters and Science? Please select your major.
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This is my family hi, hi he's my husband she's my wife they're my parents she's my mother he's my father they're my children he's my son she's my daughter they're my grandparents she's my grandmother he's my grandfather they're my grandchildren she's my granddaughter he's my grandson he's my brother she's my sister she's my niece he's my nephew she's my aunt he's my uncle she's my cousin they're my cousins this is my family why
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